Policy Matters

The Charlton Kings Senior Citizens’ Welfare Committee is a registered charity, number 1045377. All our members, drivers etc., are volunteers. All of the drivers have had DBS checks and have been trained by Gloucestershire County Council.

The Committee is independent, and is not affiliated to any political party or any church.

Our policy for safeguarding those we help is based on governmental guidelines, and is shown below.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

It is the duty or everyone working with vulnerable adults to put safeguards in place to protect their clients, specifically including organisations which drive a vehicle for the purpose of conveying them.


The legal definition of a vulnerable adult includes those in sheltered housing, receiving domiciliary care at home, or requiring help in the conduct of their affairs. For the purpose of this policy, a vulnerable adult is anyone whom we carry on our minibus or otherwise help. The policy applies as appropriate to them and to everyone who works on or for the Committee.

‘Abuse’ is a violation of an individual’s human and civil rights by any other person(s), and can take many forms, eg: physical, psychological, discriminatory, sexual, financial or material abuse; neglect or acts of omission. All our clients must be treated with respect at all times. Physical contact must be limited to what is necessary for their safety and welfare.


All volunteers will be CRB-checked where required by governmental policy.

If anyone complains of, or reports, abuse:
Listen carefully; reassure that you will take the complaint seriously and deal with the allegation discreetly but do not promise to keep it a secret: explain that you may have to pass it on
Do not make immediate judgments
If the person is in immediate danger, call the police or an ambulance
Inform straightaway the Chairman of the Committee, who will then investigate the complaint with all relevant parties, including the complainant and the accused
Keep a written record and retain any ‘evidence’ in case it is needed later.

All volunteers working for the charity must always follow the correct procedures as described above.

A copy of this policy will be available to every client and every volunteer.


Committee contact: Chairman Sandra Henley, email chairman@CKSCWC.org.uk
Gloucestershire Constabulary: tel no 0845 090 1234
Elder Abuse response: tel no 080 8808 8141, www.elderabuse.org.uk
County Council adult abuse alert: tel no 01452 426868