Other Activities

In recent years, there have been three annual events arranged by the committee in spring, members have accompanied a small group of senior citizens on a short holiday in UK organised by a coach company
in summer a two-day ‘Holiday at Home’ has been run in St Mary’s Parish Centre, visiting a different destination each year
and on a Sunday afternoon in December a Christmas carol service has been organised, followed by tea.

Senior citizens can also arrange to use the minibus for outings to places and events of interest in the area. For example, once a month, Home Farm Court residents are taken to a lunch venue. Some members of the Mothers’ Union are taken to their monthly meetings. Lifts are provided to and from village events such as Community Players productions, including their annual Christmas show. If you are interested in hiring the minibus for a group of senior citizens, please email the organiser, David Brawn.



For some it’s not easy to get out of the ‘lockdown rut’ especially those who have been self-isolating and are still a bit wary of going out after being indoors for so long, or maybe there’s nothing in particular to go out for! so we are wondering if you would help us by encouraging your children, parents and yourselves to put a different painting in your windows to entice people to go out picture spotting? – just as we put paintings of rainbows in our windows for the children to spot during lockdown, the only difference is that the pictures will regularly change according to the timetable attached. This project is for anyone and everyone, you don’t need to be an accomplished artist to be involved, one hundred percent your OWN INTERPRETATION is key. Week one will be CIRCLES by KANDINSKY  – can be as easy as drawing around a few circular objects or as imaginative and expressive as you’d like. Many of the businesses are on board and are doing their own thing or displaying works which are being produced by eight students from Balcarras School doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award – if you haven’t spotted them already you’re missing a real treat as there is much creative expression on display. Watch what’s happening at “Make Their Day” florist – eg for week one they have made bouquets in the Biedermeier style (concentric circles). We look forward to seeing how they interpret the other famous artworks in flowers!


Charlton Kings Senior Citizens Welfare Committee (CKSCWC)

Week 1. 16th June – 8th July

CIRCLES by Wassily Kandinsky – Wassily Kandinsky – famous Russian artist considered to be the first to paint totally abstract art using bright bold colours and geometric shapes and lines.  He was a synaesthete i.e. could hear colours and see sounds.

Week 2. 8th – 22nd July

GOING TO WORK by LS Lowry – Lowry is famous for his paintings of urban landscapes and matchstick figures which cast no shadows.  He’s also famous for holding the record for having rejected the most honours – including a knighthood in 1968.

Week 3. 22nd July – 5th August

THE SNAIL by Matisse – After 1948 Matisse was prevented from painting by ill health but, although confined to bed, he produced a number of works known as gouache découpées. These were made by cutting or tearing shapes from paper which had been painted with gouache. Some of the later ones, such as The Snail, were of very large dimensions.

Week 4. 5th – 19th August

WATER LILIES by Claude Monet – “Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand it, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love”.

Monet was the first artist to hold an impressionist exhibition.  The intent of his small brush strokes was to capture light and not necessarily the object. One of Monet’s paintings from the series “Water Lilies” sold in 2007 for £18.5 million.  In later years he suffered from cataracts.

Week 5. 19th August – 2nd September

POP ART, Andy Warhol – A leading figure in the Visual Art Movement known as Pop Art.  His work focusses on the crossover between celebrity, advertising and artistic expression.  In the 1960’s he produced a series of paintings of iconic American images and objects, these included: Campbell’s Soup cans, dollar bills, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Coca-Cola bottles.

Week 6. 2nd – 16th September

Piet Mondrian, Composition of Red, Blue, Yellow – Considered a pioneer of abstract art.  At one stage he decided to limit his paintings to the three primary colours (red, blue, yellow), the three primary values (black, white, grey) and 2 primary directions, horizontal and vertical.