Happy Circle

The Happy Circle club which used to meet from 2pm to 4pm on Friday afternoons is having to close its doors. However, an end of Happy Circle party will be held for Members to celebrate many years of many happy times. The party will take place sometime in September 2021 and Marie Aston who arranges the meetings will confirm the date and all details to Members nearer the time.

Transport by minibus to and from the party can be requested.

For more information please email the webmaster.

The committee also supports the Friendship Club, which used to meet on the second Friday of the month at Coopers Court but for the foreseeable future the Friendship Club will be joining forces with the Brunch Club for activities on Thursday mornings from 10.30am Р2pm in the Baptist Church Hall. All previous Friendship Club Members are welcome to join in with all Brunch Club activities. For more information, please email the organiser, Mary Jones.