Helping Charlton Kings senior citizens to remain independent

Charlton Kings Senior Citizens’ Welfare Committee provides support to the senior citizens of Charlton Kings with the aim of helping them to stay in their own homes and enjoy an improved quality of life. Charlton Kings senior citizens without transport are taken to a supermarket fortnightly on our minibus. Passengers are taken door-to-door, with escorts to carry their shopping.Two clubs for senior citizens meet weekly, the Luncheon Club on Thursdays, and Happy Circle on Friday afternoons. Transport to the clubs can be provided by the minibus, which can take wheel chair passengers.Occasional special events are arranged, such as a ‘Holiday At Home’ for two days in the summer, and a Christmas Carol Service.Transport may be provided for other occasions, such as for the local Christmas show and for outings.

The committee has been supporting Charlton Kings senior citizens for over 60 years. 
ALL our members, drivers and escorts are volunteers.